Should I get bridges, implants or dentures?


At Gateway Dental, Dr. William Swann DDS, is often asked by patients whether they should get bridges, implants or dentures.  The answer to that question is not as straightforward as it may seem.  We realize that each patient is different, both in health and lifestyle.  The tooth replacement solution that may work best for you, will not be the right solution for someone else.  If you live in Bowie, MD or the 20716 area, we recommend that you schedule a dental exam so that we can discuss your options in further detail.  You can do so by calling (301) 485-7492. In the meantime, here is what you should know about the various solutions.

Should I get bridges, implants or dentures?

As a Bowie family dentist, we offer a variety of tooth replacement solutions so that after you have had dental extractions or naturally lost a tooth, your smile can be restored. As a cosmetic dentist, we will ensure that any replacement solution looks natural and improves the overall appearance of your smile beyond restoring the function.  Still, as a dentist, we understand that some solutions work better than others.  
Take dentures, for example.  This is an affordable solution that many people gravitate towards.  Dentures do replace teeth, but they come with a variety of challenges because they are not permanent and can slip out of place when eating or speaking.  To address this inconvenience, many of our patients elect to have dental bridges placed in their mouth.  The bridge is secured using dental crowns that are placed on the remaining natural teeth.  This prevents them from slipping out of place while ensuring that they look natural.  Both of these solutions are non-surgical and effective.  However, neither one of them provide a true permanent replacement solution since the root of the tooth is never replaced. This is what makes dental implants so effective.  In order to place dental implants, we insert a titanium post under the surface of the gums and secure it to the jawbone.  The bone and metal will fuse together in order to create a new root system that is as durable as a natural one would be.  As a dentist, we understand that this level of stability is often required for those with active lifestyles. 

My teeth are damaged, but I want to prevent tooth loss, can you help?

Yes, we recommend that before you ask should I get bridges, implants or dentures, you start the conversation by asking what you can do to preserve your natural teeth.  This is always our first objective and as a cosmetic dentist, we are skilled at doing so. If you have a tooth that is infected, we offer endodontics to remove the infection.  We can then use a tooth-colored filling and a dental crown to restore and preserve the tooth.  Simultaneously, if your tooth has been cracked or chipped, we can complete a dental bonding procedure or use dental veneers in order to restore it.  These solutions along with regular preventative care and periodontics can often prevent tooth loss in the first place. 

What else should I know?

Regardless of what type of restoration you are getting, you may want to schedule a teeth whitening treatment first.  The materials we use are bleach resistant, so it is important to whiten first and have the restoration created to match your bright, white teeth. 

As a kids dentist, if your child loses a baby tooth, we will not replace it. However, we may suggest an orthodontic treatment to ensure that space is left for the new tooth to come in.

As an Invisalign® dentist, if we notice that some of your teeth appear worn down, due to your teeth being crooked or your bite, we may suggest that you straighten your teeth to prevent further wear and future tooth loss. 

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